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"The Super Long Interview with Kazuki Takahashi-sensei" Translation

First in a long series of translations I'm doing (or, to be specific, "have done,") from the Gospel of Truth character guide. This part covers some of the finer and more obscure details of the Kaiba Corporation and its history.

Chapter 7 - The Super Long Interview with Kazuki Takahashi-sensei

An interview with the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, Kazuki Takahashi-sensei. Setups and stories behind things during the series and a fervent message from the Sensei himself make them a must read!

Yu-Gi-Oh, currently a big hit in places like America, has concluded its Battle City Arc in Weekly Jump and his much anticipated new chapter is finally making its start! We had a hard-hitting interview with Takahashi-sensei, who is entering his seventh year in serialization and surfing right along, about the secrets of Yu-Gi-Oh and its future developments!

The Greatest Kaiba Corporation in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
--Please tell us some secrets behind the exceedingly mysterious Kaiba Corporation.

Kaiba Corporation was established by the father of Gozaburo, Seto's adoptive father, and was originally known as "Kaiba Heavy-Machinery Industry." It was a so-called "war profiteer." Then, after Gozaburo inherited the company, he patented components like IC-chips and shifted its focus over to a high-tech industry, but once he adopted Seto, little by little, the wheels started to fall off.
After Gozaburo's death, Seto utilized the high-tech industry and started to put the technology he had been fostering all towards gaming. Seto had the idea that war and games were one in the same. However, he placed a lot of emphasis on "fighting on one's very own to win," so he didn't hold any interest in corporate wars.

In the past, even though Gozaburo would hold chess tournaments, with him being the sponsor, he would have a trophy ready for himself when he won. Seto paid attention to that in detail...He seemed to think that no matter how high you stood on or how much you controlled of the corporate ladder, it just wouldn't be done on your own. In time, Seto searched for the meaning in fighting said to take down your opponent down in a game on your own. Fighting, and, for example, what's known as war, is a battle between two nations, while Seto considers fighting a personal war to the bitter end. That's why I think Yugi's character is so significant. Seto, without Yugi as his rival and without an enemy that he must topple, would not be able to exist.

[Panel Text] Kaiba Corporation
Send requests from cradles to missles to Kaiba Corporation!

Incidentally, Kaiba Corporation has a workforce of 2,000 and makes and makes 150,000,000,000 yen (around $1,400,000,000) a year. However, when Seto lost in his duel with Yugi, the price of Kaiba Corporation's stock took a noticeable plunge, and they even started some corporate downsizing, at a time. Seto always shows his stockholders him dueling on his own. Even in that matter of speaking, Seto has to keep winning in games, it seems.

It wasn't a matter of the past, but rather, of six months ago...

[Panel Text]
Kaiba: As of today, Kaiba Corporation belongs to me! This is the methodology I learned from you, though.

Gozaburo VS Kaiba: A Family Feud
--Would you have referred to Gozuboro and Seto Kaiba's relationship as one between father and son?

To Kaiba, he was a father, but he just wasn't a "typical" father. When he carried out his administration shift, Seto didn't think that Gozaburo would die. Now without a foe due to Gozaburo taking his own life, he slowly started to lose his sanity. He himself felt guilty of committing "patricide." Being an important keyword in this series, the word "patricide" always haunts him. You could say Gozaburo implanted the design that "games equal death" into Seto.

In the beginning, it was simply chess. That was when he won against Gozaburo and became his adopted son. However, Seto's game of chess had extended far beyond just that. The strife within the company had also created a schematic which pitted Seto against Gozaburo as an extension of chess, in the end. Gozuburo then lost and chose death. This would tie in with Kaiba's idea that "games equal death." He even ended up receiving the Penalty Game, Experience of Death, from Yugi, I believe. By doing that, the loser of the game believed that they had to experience certain death. That is what started Seto's manic obsession toward "games" and "death," no doubt. Seto normally battles his father complex. With him just going ahead and dying, he wasn't able to score a complete and utter defeat against his father. However, maybe meeting Yugi shifted his objective. After all, he's the type who couldn't live without a foe he must defeat around for him.

Yugi and Kaiba Shake Hands!?
--Are Yugi and Seto bound by ties of friendship?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. You could say they're rivals and close friends, I guess...Seeing how it's connected to them both gaining something through fighting, and all. The one scene where he passes his card (Devil's Sanctuary) over to Yugi before fighting Malik was pretty difficult. They have a touchy relationship where they redeem and repel what the other one lacks. Even when Yugi initially dueled against God (Osiris) and got himself into a fix, it was Seto Kaiba who offered him a helping hand. Neither of them probably want their self-proven rivalc to lose to anybody else, in the end, though.

[Panel Text]
Kaiba: This is what we'll use to win...the power of unity...

[Panel Text]
Sugoroku: !!  No other choice but to go!!
He's like In**ana Jo**es

Foxy Uncle Sugoroku!
--How did Sugoroku get the Millennium Puzzle and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

Sugoroku was once a gaming master who tried all sorts of games all over the world and won every single one of them. When he was forty, he faced a legend talked about amongst his companions, which was the Shrine of the Game of Darkness said to be in Egypt.

The back of the shrine held the space for the game, and though many people had tried in the past, with neither curse lifted or game solved, they all failed and suffered death. All the traps that had been laid were part of the Game of Darkness. Sugoroku attempted and almost lost his life, but, as if being guided, he got the Millennium Puzzle. So, he entrusted it to his grandson, Yugi. Sugoroku got his Blue-Eyes White Dragon from a friend. That friend might have been acquainted with Pegasus. He probably recieved from him saying that it was a special card.

[Panel Text]
Sugoroku: The Millennium Puzzle transcends human comprehension! I doubt you can do it.
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