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17 August 2010 @ 11:16 pm
Thank You!

I received so many emails all so fast! Thanks to everyone's encouragement, the entire DICE Staff is running on full cylinders of excitement!

Aah~(gazes longingly)
Those were the days. Taking a look back--back when I was putting out Yu-Gi-Oh as a weekly serial, on the reader approval surveys, my female reader approval rating was only 5% (among the 5 Worst in the magazine,) and my boss at the time would tell me to "Just give up on the female fans!"...

Time passes and now I have so many people giving me their support like this! The very thought warms the cockles of my heart!

Thank you all so much!

11 August 2010 @ 08:55 pm

Nowadays, it seems everybody is "Twittering"~

I couldn't even dream that I would start a homepage and blog about things, but these days where you get the unexpected impression that "'talking to yourself' is hard~!" and "tweeting like crazy is awesome~!," how is everyone living through the heat?

Some people frequently take pictures of what they're eating every day and upload them.  I only eat tsukemen noodles, so the pictures would probably be so boring~! Besides, tsukemen really don't change in appearance much, you know! But, the summer really is for tsukemen! They're the best~

Oh, right! There seem to be some Twitterers among my staff as well, so feel free to make friends with them. I'm not too good with Twitter, though.

What I've been trying to get to is that I thought of receiving mail with your opinions and requests here on the Dice homepage and set up an icon on the TOP banner, so if anything pops up, please feel free to use it. (Kazuki)

*Tsukemen = spicy ramen noodles
05 August 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Blue-Eyes White Dragon & Red-Eyes Black Dragon Figure Intro

The people at Good Smile Company have made some incredible figures!!!

The monsters that represent Yu-Gi-Oh! The shining examplars of dragons! Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon! These are statues that go far beyond mere figures! They are works of art revered around the world!

They have form with intensity that makes them look like they'll come to life at any time! The weight of them is so overwhelming that you can practically hear their earth-shaking roars! Not to mention that their huge size and price are Monster-grade as well!

Nonetheless, they have spectacular craftsmanship! I hope that the real Yu-Gi-Oh world will have its fill with them!!

Kazuki Takahashi

Japan's Hot~!

I'm back from Comicon! Boy, that was fun!! That's the real American Entertainment Soul for you! American comics, figures, manga, art! Anyway, the energy was superb! It fired me up! Boy! It sure was something!

In transition, "Button", produced by Dice, has started up. Since the art is roughly done by one person, I think it ends up taking a lot of time, but I think I keep my nose to the gridstone with 60% focus on hobbies, 30% focus on work and about 10% focus on preventing slacking off, so I'd appreciate it if you all stick with me!

I've added the figure page, so I would like you all to take a look at it if you could. (Kazuki)

Summer Vacation!

Next week, Dice takes its summer vacation.

But, because of the heat, I might not go anywhere~! Maybe I'll just draw at the old work bench. I can't go dragging my feet! I've got to do things with a snap!

Making cartoons is fun, but I'd like to draw a full color comic one day too-! Sort of like B.D. (Bande Dessinée.)

Feels like I still haven't cooled down after going to Comicon. I'm hot~! (Kazuki)
23 July 2010 @ 07:16 pm

I'm in San Diego now! I'm at the yearly Comic Convention where comic fans from all over the world gather! Woo! (I'm really pumped!)

American Comics, awesome! Figures, awesome! Fatbo~y! Awesome!

As to why I'm here to begin with, it's because the folks at Good Smile Company have the Yu-Gi-Oh Figures they have made for me on display! Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon!!

The craftsmanship on them are out of this world! It's way too cool! These statues are transcendentally beautiful enough to even shock the Americans! Once they rock the world, they're coming back to our country~!
22 July 2010 @ 02:23 pm
Vol. 25
Ishizu and Malik Ishtar. The composition of the sun and shadows shows their brotherly-sisterly relationship.

Vol. 26
Seto and Mokuba. A never-before-seen illustration.

In addition to the normal updates, Takahashi-sensei has posted up his new animation, BUTTON. I'm currently deciding on how I should translate it, but to give a short summary:

A planet that revolves around buttons is one day thrown in chaos when an evil inhabiatant of Planet Button tricks their leader into destroying the planet with their own defense systems. The few survivors board spaceships and fly off into space, along with our hero, Button 229.
21 July 2010 @ 04:19 pm
Vol. 23
A card illustration of Red-Eyes Black Dragon. I'm proud of putting in the Kokuendan with the ground spurting lava.

Vol. 24
So many Blue-Eyes cards have come out that every pose has been exhausted, so this is the illustration I drew in doubt~. Even so, I like it more than I thought I would!


Kageyamacchi came to play the other day.

Kageyamacchi is currently the person drawing the Yu-Gi-Oh GX manga in V-Jump. Since Studio Dice has gotten cramped, Maruyamacchi and the others have all been working by themselves and working hard on the monthly serial at their own places of work.

Card tournaments have been being held pretty frequently and it seems he's gotten pumped up with the OCG along with the anime staff and voice actors! Each of their individual personalities show up in their decks and it seems some pretty heated battles can unfold!

The OCG has gotten so complex that I can't keep up~! My memory has gotten so bad as of late that I can't even remember all the cards~! And the text is tough with these old eyes~! Still, simply hearing stories of everyone enjoying themselves dueling is enough to satisfy me!

But, I'm not a quitter so maybe I'll secretly build a deck and challenge Kageyamacchi to a duel! Just kidding! (Kazuki)

*-cchi is a cutesy name suffix.

Debut in a Few Days~

I'm thinking of releasing my silly cartoon soon! But I've been taking more serious steps towards making it than I thought I would. I've done illustrations and manga up till now, but I've given anime a try since I've never done it before.

It's an action adventure movie with my mascot character set in space!
...or so I've designed it after!

But, boy, does an anime take time to make! Making the pictures move is fun, but it really is a big chore to do~!....or is it.

With the release depending on when its finished, it might be released at some erratic date, but since I have big stories in my head, I want to try and see how far they take me!...or so do I! In any case, I hope you all continue to look forward to it~!...or should you!!

I'm releasing it in a few days! DON! (Kazuki)
11 July 2010 @ 02:30 am
I'm Home!
Okinawa was a blast! The staff enjoyed it, and with everyone going diving, it was the greatest! Also, the night sky was awesome! The stars were looking great and moved me-! They maybe be hidden from sight in the city, but I sure did realize the whole sky alight with stars above our heads any time of the night-! That's space for you! And on the night of the Tanabata*, I saw a shooting star! I really did, for a second! It was all 'Woosh☆'!

Thank you for the incredible experience! Let's all go to Okinawa again! (Kazuki)

*The Tanabata (Seventh Night) Star Festival is an event that happens the 7th of every July where people write wishes on small pieces of paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo branches.
01 July 2010 @ 01:18 pm

I'm a Fisherman Now!
I was one of the first to be done in by the Okinawa sun! The sea sure is nice! I'm a fisherman already! Later on, my staff is going to accompany me in some diving! I'm looking forward to it! (Kazuki)

Vol. 21
With its manga and anime colors, the Black Magician has been presented as being blue, but in my image, I think this is the true Black Magician.

The design of the Blamagi (Black Magic) disciple initially had an American comic book feel to it, but on many levels, this design helped to add grace to the manga, so I'm quite fond of it.
24 June 2010 @ 11:29 am
Honorable Master
I've recently gotten obsessed with online gaming! Oh, man. Even last night, I played my friend, Mr. I, who lives in Hokkaido. I-san is a friend who used to play TRPGs a long time ago and is a legendary game master! He taught me all sorts of different games~! If I hadn't met with Mr. I, Yu-Gi-Oh might have never been created! In truth, I modeled Bakura-kun in Yu-Gi-Oh after him. (He doesn't share the same personality as Bakura, though.) Also, he's more "Let's give it a good go" sort! He is my honorable master. (Kazuki)

My computer sure has been in good shape as of recently! Usually anything electronic hates me and makes me want to give up. Even when I bought my phone, the camera function quickly stopped working and I couldn't use it.  Or so I thought, as I gave it to someone and the camera suddenly worked again. Sort of! It broke again and the moment I brought it to the store, it fixed itself. Sort of! By the way, how about the ipad~? I want it, but I have to make sure it doesn't dislike me~~~! (Kazuki)


The other night, I was looking at the sky when 'whoosh' I saw an orange light! I thought that maybe it was a shooting star, but then I thought it'd be neat if it was the one in a billion chance that it was a UFO. Last year, I read a ton of books about UFOs and an unprecedented UFO boom swelled inside of me, so I thought, 'Maybe so!' for a split second....but maybe not. I want to spot one some day, but do you all believe in UFOs? (Kazuki)

Vol. 19
Elf Swordsman wasn't in a lot of scenes in the manga, but this is somewhat of clinching pose.

Vol. 20
Summoned Demon's card illustration. I winded up revising the design, but it's sort of creepy.

16 June 2010 @ 02:25 am

Love Yu-Gi-Oh

Two people from the staff I met at the production studio of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime had gotten married and stopped by to say hello the other day! They were together in the bar once or twice, but I ne~ver would have noticed!

It's so good to be young~~!

Live happily! (Kazuki)


Vol 17
The God of Obelisk. I originally drew this for a card and I put the studio logo on it. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Vol 18
An illustration of the Winged Dragon of Ra. I tried giving the God Cards a sense of unity by putting the hieroglyphs in their backgrounds.